Meadow Green Hall

Weddings, Birthdays, & Festivals

All that stuff about weddings, birthdays, and festivals as a tagline to give a little teaser

Conferences, Retreats, & Reunions

All that stuff about Conferences, Retreats, & Reunions as a tagline to give a little teaser

Marketplaces, Vending, & Booths

All that stuff about Markets, Vending, & Booths as a tagline to give a little teaser

Creating Connections

Something about the history and previous events and
conferences that have been hosted by Green Meadow Hall.

Weddings, Birthdays, & Festivals

Hopefully Lily will let the center use this pic from her wedding because it’s one of the best wedding shots from the center I’ve seen

Conferences, Retreats, & Reunions

This will be where we entice folks to want to have their parties and gatherings here at the center

“Great time at the Farm Market Day”

Leah Thomas

“Wonderful, secluded retreat for conferences.”

Patricia McCarthy

“Totally professional, yet very relaxed.”

Kate Foreman

Let’s work together on your
next conference

Meadow Green Hall Conference Center